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I haven't particularly experienced that problem, no. I think -- with respect, the editor will obviously speak on his own behalf, but for me, I operate at a lower level. My role, if you like, is in three particular areas, I suppose. One relates to covering court cases and ensuring we cover all the important cases. Another one relates to live inquiries, so major investigations, that sort of thing, and the other aspect of that is general matters on policing within Suffolk Constabulary, such as organisational changes, et cetera.

Concerns over the release of information and those type of things -- and I think this is one specific example that Mr Ash quoted today, which came to light, and -- I mean, specifically, I think that was what was being mooted within that statement, although you would have to ask that editor whether that is correct. Generally, I don't feel that there is a particular problem that affects me, having regard to that.

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