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I think that's entirely, really, a matter for the constabularies around the country. My personal view is I don't believe it's overly helpful. I've noticed since September, I think it was, when Mr Ash said that this new instruction had come in about logging contacts, that one or two officers seem slightly more nervous about speaking to me, but then, as I say, that is entirely a view for Suffolk Constabulary to take. If they wish to take it, I don't know a way that I can dissuade them from doing. I just feel -- and again, this is a personal view -- that it may well inhibit officers from talking is to the press in certain cases, and I think when you have officers in positions of either seniority or certainly positions where they're covering quite important matters, and in some cases dealing with life or death situations, if the officers are responsible enough to be put in those positions, then surely they must have common sense enough to know what to speak to the press about, and how far, you know, they can go with speaking to the press. That's just my personal view.

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