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It put a stop to it straight away. But for many reasons. You know, I don't blame X whatsoever, we're still friends. Just -- I can imagine how, from X's perspective, the fact that someone X has been just dating, after three weeks of various dates, all of a sudden calls X up with a story saying a journalist has been at my doorstep, that sounds like a someone who is going to do a kiss-and-tell story on that person. And it was very clear that X -- to me, X denied the relationship existed, which made me feel really weird about it, yeah, but clearly X just put a stop to it, to a burgeoning relationship, and I think in all fairness, because you have to understand also the perspective of famous individuals, being under such a pressure of the media, it leads to, you know, reactions of that nature on X's side, and from my side it just made me feel like, well, if my life is going to be trashed on the newspapers straight away, I'm also very concerned of that, just after three weeks of dating someone. That's quite traumatic.

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