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Over the page, one more paragraph that I wanted to take you to. 1.9:

"We expect all officers and staff to maintain professionalism, both inside and outside work. There's a need for us to maintain professional working relationships with the media. However, when officers or staff do enter into personal relationships with anyone who is part of a media organisation, it is expected that work matters are not discussed outside work. Off the record comments are not permitted. The constabulary will not tolerate any police officer, police staff and special constable who improperly discloses information or intelligence (either deliberately or recklessly) to the media."

So there's the prohibition that I referred to before on off-the-record comments. Do you define or is it part of training to explain to officers what it is they can't do? The reason I ask is there is this misunderstanding about what "off the record" actually means. Are you clear that officers understand that?

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