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The request originally came in from one of my press offices who was posted out on the second day, and we discussed it and they returned to the Crime Reporters Association to say no, we weren't going to engage with them in an off-the-record discussions. That came back in on the third day, and it came back into myself there.

I think it goes back slightly during 2009. During the floodings in West Cumbria, which again was a major incident, Ms Pickles' editor at the end, Neil Hodgkinson, was very vocal and very critical of us, saying that we gave preference to the national media. We didn't, and that was felt quite difficult for my team, because we really did not.

When I received the request from the Crime Reporters Association, we took an informed view in regard to it and I also spoke to Mr Mackey about what our decision was going to be. What I did do -- we'd already told the Crime Reporters Association no -- is go back to the editor and basically say, "We're not going to do this, but if we were going to consider doing it, would you want to be part of it?" and to which he said, "Absolutely. We should not be left out. If you are speaking to the nationals on the off-the-record basis..." which we don't do anyway, he would want to be part of it.

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