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Yes, I can. I think you have to understand in Cumbria the local media has a really unique role. They do a lot of reporting around crime, and actually the people of Cumbria read their newspapers and believe the newspapers. It was felt we were aware that a number of the families in the inquest -- that some of the information going into the public domain was the first time it had been in the public domain and they were very uncomfortable around it, and we took the decision because really we felt the only newspapers that would cover it in that detail and prove to be right was the local papers, and because of that basis, we went and we spoke to them to let them know some the concerns that the families had told us through our family liaison officers.

We also spoke to them in regard to -- it was the first time we'd had an inquest of that size in the county -- to brief them in regard to what we were doing around supporting them, what information would be released at what stage. So it was just a background information, but basically on behalf of the families, about the importance of their reporting and the impact that it had on the community.

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