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When I joined the constabulary, we didn't have any policies or procedures around how we dealt with our media, and our chief officers at the time were really uncomfortable about this, so we brought the policies and procedures in but we still had an issue around people speaking and not giving their name to the media.

So what we did was when we had a particularly high-profile case, we put media strategies in place which have a delegated spokesperson to the media, and then what we did after that is just challenge. So when an article went out -- my team were responsible for media monitoring -- we would pick it up and have a look and when it was unattributed, we would go back through to the SIO and say, "Right, who's had access to this information?" and just have a look at it.

So it was done very informally. It was just a very mild challenge, and that then enabled us to make sure that we didn't have any unattributed quotes and people did actually make them attributed.

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