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No, and it comes with an opportunity, and I think we are all finding our feet around what social media will look like, and I picked up their comments today, which weren't new to me, and we are trying to put something behind when they talk about officers putting tweets out, so that we can put the two together. But there are some times where social media actually has a huge help to us around investigations, and -- I used an example of a missing person who was obviously from Cumbria, who we then thought had come to London and we were able to use retweets and we have a monitoring system and we were able to sort of constantly be reaching 20/40,000 of people at the same time.

So for that, for us, for a communication tool, it is really beneficial. But it is an exciting time, it's not without its challenges, and I think for us, as a police service -- we're normally quite hesitant of taking on new forms of communication, and for us, as a force, our ability to embrace Twitter is really outstanding, and something that, you know, it would take a long time, if it were something different, for my team to create that same enthusiasm.

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