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It's worse than that, because at the initial call they offered me to, "Would you like your name to be mentioned to the police?" and I said "Please, yes, do", because I have a business card of that journalist that had doorstepped me end of April, and I want to share that with the police because I know exactly who has been responsible for this.

So I was abroad when they contacted me, O2, and on my return I called them back to say "I haven't heard anything from the police, have you mentioned my name?" The lady said "I have mentioned your name. They said they would call you back".

In the absence of them calling me back, I kept calling throughout the month of July, I think, and my recollection -- and please bear in mind because it's five years -- but at least three times I called them and the last time is when I threatened them to go to Channel 4 News.

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