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Yes. This became the pattern of anxiety building, which repeated itself through 2006, really. After the harrowing experience to have to confront my boss in September 2006 about his bullying and victimisation, around September, October, there was a photographer on the other side of the pavement as I was going jogging on early morning, I think about 9 o'clock, it would have been on Saturday, and he was just pacing up and down clearly just on the other side of the pavement from my place. That was instance number one.

Amazingly, I crossed the road and I went for a beeline for him as he was walking away from me and he turned around and I was in front of him and I think I gave him quite a shock because I think he thought I was coming for him, basically. It was very clear to me he was very uncomfortable that I was in front of him without him having noticed me. That was instance number one that I was aware of.

Then the second instance happened in December 2006 and it's about two weeks after I was in hospital after having been diagnosed with a serious illness. All of a sudden I was with a member of my family and escorting this person out of the train with a suitcase and this photographer popped in front of us, took a picture of us, and obviously being both of us anonymous members of the public and not looking like Hugh Grant or anybody else, we just found the experience a bit strange.

We both turned around and this person walks quite slowly so the train had emptied and there was nobody behind us, and actually this person was quite distressed saying, "This person just took a picture of me, why did they take a picture of me?" And I sort of put the two and two together, and that's absolute speculation on my part, that somehow my medical information had been accessed and now they were hunting more for pictures and they were still digging my life, and I just didn't know what to think.

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