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Oh. I'm sure you have a tough job here. I think one of the elements which was critical for me was the threat of publication, I realise now, was meant to shake us, the individual X as well as myself, stress us out, to test who was going to eventually come out with a statement. So the threat of a publication to an ordinary member of the public should be something used as a formal notification, not as a part of a weaponry of tools to press people to make a statement. I think that would be one important bit.

The other important bit is, and I don't know what the mechanics in the future should be, but I would not have been able to bring any action that I'm bringing, either in the JR or in the civil claim, without a conditional fee agreement, and I think that it would have been -- I would have been prevented to seek justice in any way, shape or form if that mechanics was not available to me.

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