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Yes, sir. The -- we had an initial contact from the Sun earlier on. Crimestoppers had offered a £10,000 reward and the Sun were proposing to add an extra £25,000 to that. The SIO wasn't especially keen on us doing that at that stage because there were some concerns about the administrative processes. We said that that would be okay if Crimestoppers were involved because of course they have those processes set up.

The manager from Crimestoppers contacted the Sun and started to carry out some of those negotiations, and they ground to a halt, and about a week elapsed and then, on 6 January, the Sun called us again and said that they wanted to offer a £50,000 reward. At that stage, they were saying that Crimestoppers couldn't facilitate that because it was too short notice, so the proposal from the Sun was that they were going to do it anyway and they were going to include in their front-page lead a number that would be a Sun number. We negotiated with the Sun that the number should be the incident room number rather than a Sun newspaper telephone number, and it eventually went ahead.

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