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I think it's always helpful, sir, for the question of integrity to be raised up the agenda, just because it's important that we all remember that that's an important tenet of the way that we work. We did do some work following this, in the context of certainly the media regulations protocol, which you see in here, and our social media protocol. A section was added to each of those on integrity. I've also included in the most recent SIO media training that I've done a very small session in there on integrity because I think it's very important.

I think with the kind of approach that we adopt at Avon and Somerset, with logging systems and a very strong leadership, in terms of culture that comes from the Chief Constable, that actually we have a very good -- a very sound culture within the organisation in terms of media, but I don't think we can possibly be complacent. I think it's very important that we're continually reminded of the need for integrity and professionalism in everything that we do.

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