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I do. I think that, in the scale of things, that what we have is a workable and trusting relationship with our local media. Our neighbourhood inspectors take the lead on a lot of the community issues, talk about meetings, the kind of low level community concerns that really do worry communities, so anti-social behaviour, low level local crime.

Anything more serious clearly gets routed through our media department, but I'm happy with the arrangement, it works very, very well and we do empower officially our community support officers, for example, who are very, very close to our communities, to directly forewarn the media of any particular problem-solving initiative or some kind of PR initiative.

So I'm relaxed about that. I think it's a good system, I think it works well, and we haven't ever had any difficulties at all in terms of two talking heads or any kinds of contradictions. Not that I can think of, anyway.

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