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Yes. PNC Guard -- sorry, I should have been clearer. PNC Guard is exactly that. That's what it does. It's a commercial piece of software that we've invested in. Most forces, I think, have something similar or the same, and it enables us to ensure that there is no inappropriate use of the PNC, both on a random basis and more intelligence-led.

Locally, our systems are all auditable and we do again audit those. But again, it's a balance between control and trust. We invest a lot of money and time in training and investing in good technology and good IT, and part of the reason that our performance as a force is very strong is because we have good IT where we don't inhibit its use. We trust our police officers to use it appropriately, but we do have a facility, clearly, to audit and we have a dedicated department in the information department who are there for exactly that purpose.

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