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My view, it was very common, especially for Sienna Miller, but I was meeting her at her home or at one time I was going to court with her and I saw the mob of photographers outside and at one stage I think she was just going to the GP for tablets or something, they ran -- they raced across -- I think it was -- vivid memory, they had a Porsche and they raced across a zebra crossing with that woman with a pram, or a pregnant woman, and it was really frightening. I think I notified the police and they couldn't get evidence of it.

But it is truly frightening to see a sort of news mob in pursuit. It's certainly intimidating and frightening when they surround you at a restaurant, but the pursuits are dangerous and I have recommended clients video it or film what happens and I've seen some of these car pursuit videos and they are frightening, and the paparazzi who are not regulated, they frequently jump red lights and endanger themselves and others, and for Lily Allen, they crashed into her when they went through a red light a few years ago and we had to get an injunction to protect her as well.

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