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That in itself as an issue was not identified as a significant risk. The assessment has identified that the police officers have broadly two commodities with which they would trade, if I could put it that way. One is influence and the other is information. It seems from a chief officer from ACPO perspective that we need to put safeguards in place in order to handle safely the information that we hold and the relationships that officers have and develop, which could become corrupt.

And so in terms of assessing the risk, the unauthorised handling of information is a significant risk for the service. And that's been identified in the SOCA strategic assessment of corruption.

In order to deal with the handling of information and protecting information, a number of safeguards have been put in place, which I can describe to you if you wish, but contingent upon all of those are relationships which officers subsequently develop. Family and friends was identified as the highest risk in terms of the unlawful disclosure of information. Former colleagues, particularly those in the private security industry, was also a risk. At the point in which the strategic assessment was done in the summer of 2010, journalists were identified as a risk, but not as high a risk as those other groups.

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