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Yes, undoubtedly, and one of the -- I mean, this is why I think an effective regulator, and this is the European Court decisions on this, Peck v UK, but an effective regulator should provide effective remedy, which means an injunction -- possibly compensation, that may be left to courts -- but an injunction to stop those people governed by that regulator would be effective, and it would be cost-effective. So that's a solution, but I think there'll be a lot of hostility by all those affected by allowing another body, not a court, to grant injunctions.

It's quite complex. They may then end up with jurisdiction disputes about who should grant an injunction, should you have to go to a high court judge or should you go to the regulator. But if a regulator could stop this activity, effectively at no cost, it would work and the media would scream and howl about it, mainly because it would work.

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