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Yes. Social networking provides the service with some fantastic opportunities to communicate directly, swiftly, give accurate information to the public on a 24-7 basis that we've never had before. It also provides us with a reach that we have never previously had, and so the opportunities are huge. There are risks. There are risks around on and off duty conduct, officers misbehaving, of officers putting inappropriate comments on the system. There's risks also that were identified through the Serious Organised Crime Agency strategic assessment of officers identifying themselves as police officers and then maybe being the subject of corruptors trying to befriend them and the like.

So those risks are out there, but what we should do is my firm belief is that we should mitigate those risks rather than stand in front of the -- Canute like in front of the waves of social networking. It's there, it's with us, and we need to manage it effectively.

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