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Good morning. Before we start, I just want to identify those topics that I will want to cover tomorrow afternoon when we consider directions specifically in relation to Module 3, but also some other matters.

The general topics are: the remaining outstanding issues in relation to Module 1, core participant status for Module 3, the approach to Module 3, the approach to Module 4, the timetable for the Inquiry, the timetable for submissions and a discussion around aspects of the Rule 13 submissions, which I have received in writing from various core participants. I make that broad agenda public now so that all core participants who may not be involved in today's proceedings can be aware of what I want to cover tomorrow afternoon.

Further, two witnesses are presently on the list to be read today. I am giving further considerations to the status of those witnesses, therefore they will not be put into the record of the Inquiry this afternoon.

Thank you. Yes, Mr Barr.

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