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Then, for the sake of completeness, the subject we've just been touching on, the position later this year, we need to note that the APA will cease to exist, you tell us, on or before the date on which its members, ie the police authorities, are abolished in late November 2012. You deal with this on page 4 in response to question 9. You were asked:

"What changes, if any will, there be to the role or functions of the APA and the oversight of relations and communications between police authorities and the media once police authorities are replaced?"

You tell us that the Home Secretary has agreed that you should provide an interim association for the 41 elected police and crime commissioners and other bodies of policing governance from 15 November until the end of the financial year 2012/2013. Perhaps for the purposes of this Inquiry, in this illustrative paragraph right at the end of page 4, you say that your hope is that the interim representative body for PCCs should play a role in assisting the PCCs to implement the recommendations which may be issued in the wake of this Inquiry. Can you just expand a little on that?

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