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I'm going to ask you about the press office in a moment, and I'll bring in Mr Oley, if I can, but I want to touch on your role as the chair of West Yorkshire Police Authority, please. You deal with this from paragraph 57 onwards, or page 16. I don't mean to be rude but the evidence is set out clearly, so I don't think I need to ask you about any of it in specific detail except for one question. It relates to question 59:

"What level of contact, oversight or knowledge is there from the West Yorkshire Police Authority in relation to West Yorkshire Police's relations and communications with the media?"

You say, right at the end, that it has internal audit functions and that you've also undertaken reviews of the West Yorkshire police press office and media department functions with regards to both internal and external media communication systems.

There's no indication there as to the findings that you've made there, whether or not there's been any recommendations made, whether any recommendations have been accepted or implemented as a result of this review work. Can you assist us with that?

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