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Mr Oley, I want to take you to the final paragraphs of your statement. In response to question 42 -- you were asked there:

"Is there a basis for applying different standards and rules to police staff than those that apply to police officers?"

You give us an answer there, but if you look over the page to the top of page 8, you're addressing here whether or not officers should speak to the public via the media, and you say this in your final paragraph there, before the heading "The possible impact of PCCs":

"In general, my view would be that the risks of potential implications of mishandling information to the press are so serious that these risks must always be minimised by media interaction being limited to only those who have been fully trained to fulfil that role. I would anticipate that the chief constable and her/his senior colleagues should receive such training."

Is there any room for a contra view that essentially staff should be empowered to deal openly with the media on matters of which they have direct knowledge? Can you see the contrary argument?

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