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No. I mean, this is a great example actually you've touched on here. John was very frustrated over what he was very, very engaged with, which was to re-examine the issue of rape and rape investigation within the Met. It was a hobby horse of his. He cared about it very much. I remember there was a notorious Gloucester -- sorry, the Grosvenor House Hotel alleged a sort of rape case that the News of the World ran very large, and I remember he was distinctly unhappy about the fact that -- the prominence we were giving this and he was very passionate about what -- how big an issue this was and how the police were generally failing nationwide.

So one of the incidents, for instance, was he -- I remember having a conversation with him about what could he do to make this more of a -- to raise the profile of this nationwide, for instance. I remember we discussed whether or not he could do some sort of poll that would be able to, on a force-by-force basis, show how many rapes -- allegations of rape, how many convictions, seniority of officers involved, how big the anti-rape team was, et cetera, et cetera, and my point being that that would give him a story in every county about it, because it varies enormously from what the Met does, which he was largely behind, so -- I remember him telling me once that some force, I think in the north somewhere, had a sergeant and two PCs, all male, who were the people who investigated rape. He thought that was shocking.

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