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I think it is an example of how I had spent X number of months where I would talk and whatever with him about a variety of things. My crime reporter, Lucy Panton -- crime editor, Lucy Panton, I was talking to her one day about police issues, as I quite often would do if I was passing her desk. I would sit on it and chat, and she told me that Andy had mentioned to her this DVD, this video, because he'd said in only -- he'd said something to her like: "If only people could really see what damage a shoe bomb could do", because there was a little bit of -- not skepticism in the world, but: "A shoe bomb? What could that do?"

So I said to her: "Ask him if we can actually come and see it so we can see whether it would be worth producing." So he said yes, so we went to see it. It was staggering. I said to him: "In my view, you really should put this out. I'd like you to do it through us." He said, "You could get some video grabs." I said, "Yes, we could get some video grabs, but one of the things we could do is put it on our website -- put it openly on our website, and it will go viral worldwide."

So he then thought about it for a few days, came in to see Andy Coulson, the editor, showed it to Andy Coulson, and we did all of those things and it went round the world and is being shown to this day.

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