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Well, yes, as -- in common with every other journalist in Fleet Street. I remember there was an occasion where we had a paedophile investigation and it had nothing to do with me, but for some reason -- and usually the Met are brilliant on these things, I have to stress, but for some reason, on that Saturday we had this sting about to happen with a paedophile who thought he was going to pick up a 12-year-old girl and we weren't getting any help locally. So what I would have done in that circumstance is ring Dick and say, "Look, we're about to do this. We're not getting any reaction from whoever it is we've spoken to. I think it's worth it for the Met." And if he did or he didn't, then we did get the help on that situation and a man ended up in jail for trying to groom a 12-year-old child as a paedophile.

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