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With respect, with respect, the bit about favours and preferential treatment is pejorative, and I don't quite get how that suddenly gets tacked on to the end of that sentence, because the truth is part of democracy -- and many would argue, as they have done, that if only we had as open a society as America. I, frankly, would like public officials to spend more time talking to journalists than they do. We have a huge subject going on in this country at the moment about the suggestion of extending secret courts. Personally, I think that's very unhealthy. There's an issue about family courts.

All I'm saying is that I would have thought that the issue of public officials, none of whom are callow youths, vestal virgins or in the first stage of naivety, choosing whether or not they have relationships I think is an issue for them, and more power to the other bloke, frankly. We need more talking rather than less.

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