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Under tab 5, there is an email which says -- from Martin Tiplady, which says:

"It is a matter of routine that many of the Met's people have referred relatives and friends to us for employment, attachment and holiday employment. At the senior employment, I can recall Steve Howe's son being selected twice for temporary employment. I can recall Peter Clarke's son doing an extended period with us. I recall Catherine Crawford referring her daughter to us. They all referred their juniors to us. Tim Godwin referred his neighbour's two sons to us. Ronnie Flanagan spoke to me. I remember Victoria Borwick ..."

Now, what I'm a bit lost to understand here, bearing in mind I have a young daughter who I -- a friend mentioned the possibility of something that would help us out, that I suspect is not unknown in the legal profession, that both Catherine Crawford and Tim Godwin are the people who referred this to the IPCC, and yet they've done it themselves! So where I'm a bit sort of raw on this issue -- you can beat me up as much as you like, frankly. You've given me 300-odd name checks so far in this module. You've asked me all sorts of questions, but when my daughter gets pilloried, when you have an email that says the two senior people to John Yates have done exactly the same, I'm sort of wondering whether you should have asked Catherine Crawford or Tim Godwin the circumstances of how their children -- I didn't notice, actually. I did watch Tim Godwin. I don't remember him being asked and I didn't see Catherine Crawford so I don't know whether you asked her, but I'm at a bit of a loss to work out why my daughter yet again gets her privacy invaded like this.

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