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Right. Before I forget, might I remind everybody that we are starting tomorrow morning at 9.15 in order to take evidence by video-link from Northern Ireland. Whether that has a corresponding impact on the time we finish will remain to be seen, but everybody can at least recognise that we will not be sitting after tomorrow for some days.

Right. There are a number of things to discuss this afternoon. I identified some headings at the beginning of the week -- that's to say yesterday -- so I'll take them in that order.

The first is to speak about the remaining outstanding issues from Module 1. Before I do, I'm pleased to see Mr Rhodri Davies. I hope you're in good form.

Remaining outstanding issues for Module 1. The first is this: on a number of occasions it has been suggested to me that I have not paid sufficient attention to the good work of the press. Perhaps that's an inevitable consequence of the terms of reference of the Inquiry, but in order that nobody can suggest that I have paid insufficient attention to that aspect, I will invite any title that wishes to submit what they perceive to be their top five public interest stories over the last few years, merely to reflect the other side of the coin.

The second thing that I want to say in relation to Module 1 is that I intend to make the press cuttings that have been provided by a cuttings service to the Inquiry, which identify the reporting of the Inquiry, part of the record. In other words, I will include within the evidence all that everybody has said about what the Inquiry has done.

The third remaining outstanding issue concerns Milly Dowler. Mr Jay, I understand that we heard from Surrey only the other day that there was still some work that has to be done. I'm content that be done, but I think that the time is coming when we simply have to draw a line under that story, so I make it clear that I will hear the rest of that story in the week commencing 8 May.

Does anybody have any other issues outstanding from Module 1? I'll deal with submissions and all the rest of it later. Yes, Mr White?

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