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Thank you very much, Mr White. That will be helpful.

Right, the next item on my agenda is core participant status for Module 3. Now, as I understand the position, in the case of Module 1 through Collyer Bristow and in the case of Module 2 through Bindmans, a large number of people have been core participants but their default position is that if they wish to remain as core participants, they must now apply.

In relation to the press, they are core participants for Module 3 and therefore if they no longer wish to be, they should apply the other way around, and they can drop off.

So let's deal with those now. I've also received a number of applications from individuals who seek core participant status, and I'll hear from them shortly.

Right. Let's just understand where everybody is. I know that, Mr Sherborne, that your solicitors have submitted a letter which we'll come to in due course. Let's just wait for you to -- before we start your submission. I'd just like to know where everybody else is.

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