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It's not simply a question of giving evidence, in my submission. It's the assistance which these individuals, as a group, can provide, because without the ability to see the evidence in advance that others are giving in relation to these precise topics, they can't, for example, feed in the type of questions that they've managed to feed in to the Inquiry, hopefully to great assistance, over both modules 1 and 2, and they can't provide assistance in the form of closing submissions or submissions in relation to a number of matters which have arisen throughout the modules; for example, warnings under Rule 13, credibility submissions and so on.

So we say it is the unified voice which is given to these particular core participant victims -- and I do use the word "victim" advisedly, given that each of them has suffered at the hands of the press in order that, as I say, these organisations can exert influence over politicians and the policies which they put forward.

So we say it's only through being core participants that these particular individuals can provide the assistance that is necessary, in my submission, so that the Inquiry can carry out its terms of reference in the fullest possible respects. It is only through being core participants that this can be done.

When one talks of a unified voice, that does bring me to the second category of individual, and those are people who are not politicians by trade but they remain victims of the culture, practices and ethics of the press that has been displayed throughout modules 1 and 2 and we say carries on through Module 3. You have a list. They are a very much reduced list. I think there are three individuals on that list who would like to continue in their role as core participants through Module 3, and we say that this is that unified voice that they provide in terms of participation, not just in the questions that they can help the Inquiry with in terms of the witnesses that come to give evidence in this module, but also in terms of closing submissions, sir, which you will require, which will deal not only with modules 1 and 2, but with 3 as well.

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