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Right. Is Mrs Blood here? Well, I've received a submission from Mrs Blood, which I shall deal with in writing.

Mr Jackson has told me that he's not going to be here, so I'll deal with that in writing.

Ms Decoulos? I think it's probably easier because then it can be recorded. (Pause) Ms Decoulos, before you make your submission, I do want to underline that this module is not concerned with individual acts perpetrated by newspapers on you or indeed on anybody else, or indeed the police investigation of those acts. This is very much a political focus, and I am, at the moment, struggling to see -- I know that you applied in each of the other two modules and the Divisional Court have twice been the subject of applications that you've made against refusal and I think the Court of Appeal once, so what I'd be very keen for you to do is to explain to me why your experience should bring you into Module 3.

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