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Okay, I just want to summarise from my letter, as Mr Sherborne did, just that in the Divisional Court judgment made on 4 November, Lord Justice Moses and Mr Justice Singh said in their judgment, paragraph 4, that "Ms Decoulos has a lot to say in matters of public concern, which are the subject matter of the Inquiry."

Now, the rest of his judgment, he went against me, which I think is obviously contradictory, but I won't go into that because you don't want to go into the appeal process. Nevertheless, Lord Justice Moses saw I had at least 300 pages' worth of documentation that he read, or at least glanced through, and that was his judgment.

So first, I'm coming on the basis of that, that I have a lot to contribute. I did have a lot to contribute in Module 1. I did have a lot to contribute in this module. As I said in my letter to you on Friday, when I went before the divisional court recently, I had 53 pages of correspondence with the Metropolitan Police, who failed to investigate my allegations about Mr Sherborne's clients, unfortunately, and I still submit I am being frozen out of this Inquiry because Mr Sherborne is sitting there.

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