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You know, unless I do numerous other hearings. You know, I am sick of having hearings in this building. You can imagine. I'm just at my wits' end and that's why I'm here. Why should I have to keep doing this? Everybody's here. This is costing a lot of money to set up this Inquiry. This is the time to sort out this mess.

I will add that last week Lord Prescott proposed an amendment in the House of Lords to reverse what their lobbying intended to do and he failed, unfortunately. It was quite a sad day, I think. He's also a core participant so his amendment is actually relevant to my claims.

And I should say that the only libel claim I won, against the Express, was under a CFA, and the previous arrangement of CFAs that Paul Dacre successfully got rid of wasn't even that good, because you know, I tried to get a CFA in my claim against Associated Newspapers but I couldn't get one. It's not as easy to find a solicitor to take your case on a CFA. That is a myth that Paul Dacre convinced Parliament about.

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