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All right. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Right, the next application I have is from Mr Ward. I only ask you to come here again, Mr Ward, because then it's picked up on the microphone. Please sit down.

Right. The difficulty which was apparent in relation to your earlier application was the complexity of the issue. You will appreciate the time available to me, the ground that I have to cover and the effective impossibility of being able to unpick extremely complex and fact-sensitive allegations so as to provide assistance for the general area that I have to consider. I'd be grateful if you could tell me why you feel you fall within rule 5 of the Inquiry rules in relation to what is a very different issue, namely the politicians. I know that you've identified the fact that you've tried, through various political avenues, to have your concerns addressed, but again, without unpicking all the facts, it's very difficult to do other than the most general analysis of what the relationship should be, which may not require me to investigate the sort of detail that I think you would require me to look at.

So there it is --

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