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Well, I do understand, and indeed you may, having read my statement, see that in, I think, paragraph 2 or 3, I'm making myself available as a witness. But the reality is that rule 5 sets out a number of qualifications for admission as a CP. I believe I have a direct experience and I think I have a great interest in the outcome, and although in no sense at all am I seeking to bring into this Inquiry some sort of who did what to whom or who is right and who is wrong -- that is not why I'm here, I fully respect the limitations of your Inquiry -- I think I should have a degree of status, similarity of status, to give me the authority to give vent to my experience. I mean, witnesses come in all shapes and sizes across a lot of subjects. Whether your Inquiry can ever be informed to the degree that I can bring to bear about the experience of working with politicians, complaining to politicians, I doubt. You'd know more than I.

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