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Yes, I remember, and of course, in the main -- and I'm conscious of the concern that your firm have expressed on a number of occasions during the course of the Inquiry about the extent to which her name has been mentioned, although, as I'm sure you appreciate, she hasn't been asked in any way to provide any evidence on those matters in respect of which there is an ongoing investigation.

I do see that this module is different, but I'd like you just shortly to elaborate and to identify precisely what it is you seek, because it seems to me that in respect of contemporary political issues, there may be something more than evidence that she can bring to the Inquiry, but I don't think she does that for anything other than contemporary political issues.

So I'd just be grateful if you would expand on how you see the application being put and how you see your involvement, if I were to grant core participant status to Ms Brooks, evidencing itself.

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