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Module 4 is to do with the future. As we go through the afternoon, we will discuss the approach to Module 3 and the approach to Module 4, and the timetable, so that it will all become clear.

Right. I think that takes me to an approach to Module 3, which I intend should follow the same pattern that we have adopted hitherto. We will not start the political end of this module before the elections in early May, so we will then proceed to hear this evidence up to the end of June, and I'll come to the timetable in a moment.

The next aspect of Module 3, which will undeniably address the political perspectives of the terms of reference, is to consider the benefit we might receive from commentators. I apprehend that we're likely, because of time shortages, in the main, to seek statements and then to read them into the Inquiry, but I will want any submissions on that as appropriate as to whether that's acceptable.

The third point that I want to make about Module 3 is lines of questioning. It may be that the system has put statements up for core participants to see rather later than we would have wished, and sometimes with very little notice at all. However much advance notice has been given, however -- and in some cases it has been considerable -- lines of questioning tend to have been provided to counsel on the night before or the morning of -- and that's sometimes 2, 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning -- the day on which the witness coming to give evidence.

Sometimes that's been possible to deal with, but in the rather more sophisticated range of issues that Module 3 generates, it is going to be absolutely vital that sufficient advance notice of lines of questioning, which may themselves involve reference to documents, is provided to Mr Jay so that he can assimilate them and consider their value. I would very much like to say that we'd like notice of some seven days. However, I recognise that that requires the statements to be online very much in advance of that seven-day period, but I think that what we will do is, in relation to each statement, we will mark it with a date upon which we would like any lines of questioning to be provided.

I'm not saying there's a cut-off because there never can be, but I am seeking to ensure that the preparation for these witnesses is as comprehensive and as timely as possible.

Mr Jay, do you want to say anything about that?

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