The transcripts of the official inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. More…

Right. Does anybody want to raise anything in relation to any of the topics that I've mentioned to date? (Pause)

Right. Well, the two substantive issues upon which I sought assistance concerned the effect of rejecting evidence and whether that offended the self-denying ordinance, and what Rule 13 meant in the context of the press as a whole. In other words, if I take the view that there is something in the culture, practices or ethics of the press or a section of the press, does that generate a requirement under Rule 13 to give notice?

So if we split those two issues up -- the third question was what was meant by a "person". I'm quite comfortable that "person" certainly incorporates a company, court or unincorporate association, but I ought to ask anybody if they want to press submissions that "person" can mean title, whatever the structure of the title, whether it's simply part of a larger company or without independent status.

So, who would like to start on any of those? Mr White?

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