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Rather than wait until I've produced a document and then have everybody jump up and down about it.

The other possibility is this: that I accept the broad thrust of the press that there are so few potential titles that on the class libel point that Mr Caplan made before Lord Justice Toulson in the Divisional Court, I ought to address the issue differently. One possibility is this: that I identify all the possible criticisms I could make of the press, with the evidential support, and ask everybody to deal with the potential criticism. And so there's no mistake about it, obviously, if I take my earlier example, if I were going to criticise an individual, then that would be separate. So I'm not talking about that; I'm talking about the generic criticisms, and I say I prepare a document that copes with one of the submissions that I receive, namely: "Well, we may think of most of the things you could criticise, but you may think of something we've not thought of."

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