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Well, the reality of the position, if you permit me to say so, is contained in the submissions on behalf of the Metropolitan Police. Can I just remind you of what they say between paragraphs 5 and 8? They point out that the risk to an individual of investigation or prosecution is all the greater if the individual concerned is so closely involved as to have knowledge of illegal activity.

In paragraphs 6 and 7, they go on to develop, by reference to the statutory provisions, the points that have been made in the submissions on behalf of News International, and finally -- and this is absolutely critical, in my submission -- in paragraph 8 they say:

"Any public finding by the Inquiry that a particular individual had knowledge of illegal activity and has falsely denied that runs a serious risk of interfering with criminal prosecutions."

I'll refer to just one of the reasons. It's at 8(2):

"That individual's state of knowledge may be highly material to a conspiracy charge, but also if they're called as a witness for or against others."

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