The transcripts of the official inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. More…

Sir, with the greatest of respect, the submissions that you've heard belong very firmly in Alice in Wonderland, we say. I'll try to keep this unusually brief.

It's accepted that the genesis of this Inquiry was the huge outcry that the practice of accessing people's voicemails generated. Whilst various individuals, for example in News International, are the subject of ongoing criminal investigation, the public's concern is about this practice generally and what it may say about the press as a whole, or certain sections of it, and not simply the acts of the journalists who have been arrested, let alone one particular newspaper.

It's not just, sir, that you've heard evidence from the three individuals you referred to. There's been significant evidence within the course of this Inquiry directed not just towards the widespread use of this illegal technique, but also, and we say critically, the knowledge or awareness of this practice within different newspapers or amongst senior executives in the industry.

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