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Thank you very much indeed. It may be that I will have to add to the list of issues for the future what I can publish in a report, but if the effect of some of the submissions that I have received means that I can't make any criticisms at all, however framed, then it becomes quite difficult to see where this Inquiry can go.

What I would therefore invite the core participants to do is to consider the exchange, particularly the exchange that I had with Mr White and Mr Browne, and reflect upon the approach to Rule 13 in the first case, because that's all I'm deciding at this moment. What I can do thereafter may have to be the subject of further argument.

It's sufficient if I say that although I will reflect long and hard on all that I have heard this afternoon, I will need considerable persuasion to the effect that I cannot fairly do justice to the terms of reference while at the same time keeping faith with my wish not to impede any criminal investigation or offend the approach that I took, which was to place those who weren't being investigated in a worse position than those who were.

I'll reserve the position in relation to core participants and give a decision as quickly as I can. I wonder if I could ask core participants who wish to to make further short submissions on the exchange. In particular, I'm conscious that I have created a new idea for Rule 13, which generated as a result of reading the submissions I received, and I'd be happy to receive their views as to that approach.

Anything else? Thank you very much.

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