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So here we have the email. It's 22 May 2010, from the reporter. It says:

"I've found the email address Lianne Smith has been using in Barcelona since 2008 [he gives that]. The nursery she set up in October 08 was called Early Performers. It would be very interesting to know if she has emailed people in the UK over the past few years. If she's been turned her in, the kids would have been taken into care and would be alive now. The security question she protected her account with is her favourite film. Should I try to guess it?"

The response from the managing editor is a one-line response sent from his iPhone:

"Yes please Gerard. Legitimate public interest enquiry. Good hunting."

Although you and I have explored the background to this story, the way, in fact, it was put to the manager who had to authorise it was -- I'm afraid I have to put it -- cursory, wasn't it, and informal?

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