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I think probably that's it. Apart from, once again, just saying that it's something that needs to be treasured and valued because I've seen the other side and now, at the moment, every day I speak to my father, who is constantly under attack because of the reporting of Novaya Gazeta, and it's not -- it's just -- it's all around. It's all around -- all across the board. So it's not coming from the top, it's not coming from the government; it's just the corruption all across the board and because that corruption is exposed in on a daily basis by my newspaper, the Lebedev interests, the Lebedev companies, are being constantly attacked on a daily basis.

For example, the bank accounts that are used to fund British newspapers have been checked out by people who have been conducting checks on our banks because of -- because there's no tolerance for that. So I think it needs to be valued and cherished, but, as you rightly pointed out, all the issues that have happened and all the issues that have been exposed by this Inquiry have to be addressed.

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