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Yes. My daughter -- this was my eldest daughter, so this would have been when I was -- really, in the first burst of publicity surrounding me. She was in her first year at primary school and I unzipped her school bag in the evening and among the usual letters from school and debris that every child generates, I found an envelope addressed to me and a journalist -- the letter was from a journalist.

It's my recollection that the letter said that he intended to ask a mother at the school to put this in my daughter's bag or I don't -- I know no more than that, I don't know whether that's how the letter got in my daughter's school bag or not, but I can only say that I felt such a sense of invasion that my daughter's bag -- it's very difficult to say how angry and how -- how angry I felt that my five-year-old daughter's school was no longer a place of, you know, complete security from journalists.

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