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I think I've gone to such lengths to try and prevent photography of my children that they really can be in no doubt and I have complained to the PCC and -- as is clear later in the statement -- I've been to court.

I would like to say that particularly with regard to photographers outside our house, I think a very good example of this is two journalists from a Scottish tabloid took up residence outside our house in a car at a time when I was absolutely unaware that there was particular interest in me. I didn't have a book coming out, I hadn't just given birth, they were just sitting there. So I asked someone who works for the public relations company that I employ to please ask them what they wanted. The response she received was: it's a boring day at the office. So my family and I were literally under surveillance for their amusement. There wasn't even a pretence that there was a story.

It's difficult to explain to people who haven't experienced it what that feels like. The twist in the stomach as you wonder what do they want? What do they think they have? It's incredibly threatening. It feels threatening to have people watching you.

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