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This is where it all went wrong, because my husband and I weren't married then, it was shortly before we were married. We were, wrongly, convinced that we were on a private beach. We subsequently discovered that no beach in Mauritius is private, they're all public by law. But the hotel we were staying at had advertised that it had its own beach, and we wrongly understood from that that it was private. So we believed ourselves to be in a private situation.

My husband, who it is more observant than I, clearly, said he was worried about a boat that was a little way out while we were all on the beach, and I dismissed this and said I was sure everything was fine and he was being paranoid. He wasn't being paranoid at all. We were being long-lensed and when we arrived home it was to photographs of the two of us, not my daughter, the photographs including my daughter weren't published at first, on the beach.

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