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Page 107, our page 01748. Again, Michel to you:

"JH -- confidential. Had one hour catch-up today. Overall, he believes the debate is extremely quiet and lacks arguments. Feels journos are moving into pricing debates, which is good for regulatory clearance. He called all the key editors last Thursday to explain his decision. Paul Dacre was clear that their campaign was purely motivated for commercial reasons and fears around bundling. JH told him it was not his remit and EC has already approved."

Then you see "JR", which is "judicial review".

"He doesn't see any rationale for a successful one and it won't affect the consultation process."

Possibly there's an irony there that the readers of KRM18, this bundle, might understand.

Then a bit later on:

"On 21 March, his team will look at the submissions. It should take three to four days. Lots will be pure anti-Murdoch ones and he doesn't expect any groundbreaking issue. If there is one, he will then probably first talk to us and, if needed, OFT."

So again, you're going to be given advance notice of anything which might bear on the bid and which you can put input in in relation to; is that right?

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