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I would say first of all that with respect to our own company's conduct, I think -- you know, and I think you would find in a large transaction as public and as hotly contested as this transaction, you would see a very active public affairs function in any large company going after a transaction of this size or nature, and I think that's entirely separate from questions of the ethics of the press. I think this is a question of mergers and acquisitions activities, active public affairs engagement with the relevant policy authorities around those things, just as there's active regulatory engagement with the regulators, and that you would find -- you would find, you know, active engagement to be the norm rather than the other way around.

With respect to departmental behaviour, I really can't say. Again, I don't know the ins and outs of Westminster protocol, but I do -- but I was -- you know, we were receiving feedback and information, you know, through our public affairs channel.

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